Few words about logos.

Ever since I started my work in the industry, I always focused on the functional aspect of each individual project. The same philosophy is applied to work on visual identities. When developing and designing logotypes, my mantra is based around three basic elements - function, intuition and aesthetics. By combining these three elements my challenge is to create visually intelligent solutions.

Varazdin Airport

Creating intuitive logo is both demanding and challenging task. To incorporate both functional and aestetic part of the story we reached out to the motives which exist in the real world. And there, the most common pattern you can relate with the airport - planes landing and taking-off. We incorporated this action in simplified form to highlight the basic function.

L'intestin des morts

I was approached to create a visual identity for French metal rock band "L'intestin des morts" which literally translates as "The intestines of the dead". From an early draft we drew inspiration from a heavy metal bands such as Antrax, Def Leppard and Metallica from which we created a custom slab typeface - Molitor. To create an effective visual motive, we also created generative graphics which resemble organic decaying.

Hello World

To create an identity for the digital agency, we started with the very essence of the expression: "Hello, World!". In programming syntax it resembles the basics of programming language. Away from the coding environment it illustrates the birth of life. The birth of digital life which evolves. That's why we created an interactive logo that visualizes the basic birth of idea and its morphing based on the interaction and communication with the world.

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